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Mastering Field Notes

I’m writing about field notes today: What are they? And why do we take them? I will cover the tools of the trade, what to document in field notes, and my techniques on streamlining the note-taking process to capture tons of valuable information using my Apple Notes shortcut. Here is a video of me discussing everything I’ve written below: What are field notes? Field notes are written or recorded observations collected by writers, researchers, or anyone else doing fieldwork like anthropologists, ecologists, geologists, ethnographers, and journalists....

28 November 2023 · 6 min · 1174 words · Jeremy Bassetti

Location Data and Geotagging in Apple Notes with Shortcuts

UPDATE: 28 June 2023 This article is now a few years old. I still use the methods detailed below, but in a modified form. My new shortcut essentialy finds or creates a note with the title in a yyyy-MM-dd format and places it within a special folder in Apple Notes. After that, it appends all the GPS location data detailed below to the bottom of the note. Below is a video I made that descibes the new shortcut, which you can also download here....

21 July 2021 · 9 min · 1807 words · Jeremy Bassetti