Jeremy Bassetti End of Year Review 2022

2023 End of Year Review

I’ve written end-of-year reviews of my creative work for the past three years. In keeping with tradition, below are my reflections on 2023 and my plans for 2024. In sum, 2023 was a difficult year for me, creatively speaking. It taught me some valuable lessons, some of which I’ll break down below. As ever, things are changing around here. Read on to learn more. Last year in numbers Book-shaped things published: 1 (The Hill of the Skull) Total words published: >37,0001 Podcast episodes published: 12 Videos made: 10 Wins Published The Hill of the Skull A few Prix de la Photographie Paris honorable mentions for my photography Published an essay on OffAssignment The Hill of the Skull A highlight of the year was finishing and publishing my new book The Hill of the Skull....

31 December 2023 · 14 min · 2956 words · Jeremy Bassetti
An Unsuccessful Kickstarter Campaign

An Unsuccessful Kickstarter Campaign

In October 2023, I ran a Kickstarter campaign for my book The Hill of the Skull. The campaign was unsuccessful. Below are some thoughts. Some raw numbers The funding goal: $12,000 USD Campaign length: 32 days Dates: 24 September - 26 October 2023 Number of backers: 69 Total amount pledged: $4,388 Percentage of goal funded: 36% Number of project “followers” and conversion rate: 95 (26%) Number (and percentage) of backers who didn’t “follow” the project: 44 (64%) Context I ran a Kickstarter campaign in October 2023 to fund a special edition of my book The Hill of the Skull....

27 December 2023 · 13 min · 2668 words · Jeremy Bassetti

Orlando Again, Images of War, Square Prints

14 December 2023 · Jeremy Bassetti
The Hill of the Skull Book and Square Prints

Home & Square Prints

Friends, If home is a feeling and not a place, then the place I’ve lived in for the last decade is feeling less like home every year. Our relationships with places change and, when this happens, it compels us to look at the world differently. Thirteen years ago, as I was selling off all of my possessions and preparing to move to Spain, Florida looked different to me. Or, I should say that I started to notice Florida again....

01 December 2023 · 5 min · 956 words · Jeremy Bassetti
Creative Projects as Systems

Mastering Field Notes

I’m writing about field notes today: What are they? And why do we take them? I will cover the tools of the trade, what to document in field notes, and my techniques on streamlining the note-taking process to capture tons of valuable information using my Apple Notes shortcut. Here is a video of me discussing everything I’ve written below: What are field notes? Field notes are written or recorded observations collected by writers, researchers, or anyone else doing fieldwork like anthropologists, ecologists, geologists, ethnographers, and journalists....

28 November 2023 · 6 min · 1174 words · Jeremy Bassetti
A View from the Miami to Savannah Amtrak Train

[Genius Loci] November 2023

Friends, The Kickstarter campaign for The Hill of the Skull did not meet its funding goal, unfortunately. This means that the special edition hardcover books will not be produced. But I am touched by the show of support from friends and strangers alike — thank you for believing in this project! It means a lot to me. Really. At $12,000, the campaign goal was quite high. I priced it so high because I wanted to produce the highest quality book using one of the best photobook printers in the West....

31 October 2023 · 3 min · 487 words · Jeremy Bassetti