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[Genius Loci] October 2023

1 October 2023


My new book The Hill of the Skull has launched on Kickstarter.

In a few short days, the book reached over a quarter of its funding! It was also featured as a “Project We Love” on Kickstarter.

But now we’re in the dreaded “dead zone” period of campaign where pledges slow to a trickle.

Please consider contributing to the campaign, and help me spread the word by sharing the link above with your friends and communities.

Today (October 1) at 12 pm EST, I’m hosting a book launch livestream on YouTube. Please tune in. It will be an informal chat about the book, and I’ll also field your questions.

Now, onto what you came for:

My work

I wrote briefly about creative projects as productivity systems. And about starting a “creative log” as a way of relating online and in this new, post-social-media landscape we find ourselves in.

I made an announcement on Travel Writing World about The Hill of the Skull.


The 2024 Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards is ramping up. The award categories have been announced, as has a call for nominations.

The 2023 Wainwright prizes have been awarded.

Key West Sketches looks to be an interesting anthology of writing about the USA’s southernmost point. Including stories by writers like Thomas Swick, Pico Iyer, and many more.

The winners of the 2023 Lowell Thomas Competition have been announced by the Society of American Travel Writers.

Robert Macfarlane writes the introduction to a new edition of Jonathan Raban’s Passage to Juneau.

Simon & Schuster will be acquired by a private equity firm. What could go wrong?


I spoke with Ryan Murdock about The Hill of the Skull on his Personal Landscapes podcast.

I also spoke with Joanna Penn about indie publishing beautiful books on her The Creative Penn podcast.

I did a video interview with Shebs Alom on his Take a Wander YouTube series.

Listen to this interesting interview about photography, theory, and the balance between word and image. Apple Podcasts link.

That’s it for this month!