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[Genius Loci] January 2022

1 January 2022

Bonjour from a wintery Brittany, where the morning sun doesn’t break until around 9 am and hangs low in the sky for the rest of the day. On the rare days without clouds, long shadows stretch across the ground in what seems to be a day-long golden hour, the world bathed in amber. Most often, though, gray clouds have blanketed the region.

I am sitting in Le Bacardy, a cafe-cum-bar adjacent to the Châteaubriant town hall. It still smells of cigarettes from the many years when smoking was allowed inside. American 80s music plays on the radio. A group of teenage boys suck on fluorescent-green drinks through straws and thumb their phones in silence. A man with a drinker’s nose stares at me from the bar. He will surely win this staring contest, but I’ve purchased a €1.80 café au lait, which gives me the permission to sit here in the warmth for as long as I like.

Outside, a group of friends — all home for the holidays and catching up — try to keep distance as they drink glasses of hot wine and cider. Of course, I have no friends here; none that I’ve known since childhood, at least. And while the temptation to disconnect from work and enjoy the company of others might be more enticing in France than it could be in my own hometown, I still find it hard to completely “let go.” When conversations turn to, say, local gossip or otherwise lose me, I find myself thinking about the work I should be doing. I feel anxious, guilt-stricken, idle. And then there is the pandemic.

Yet, as my wife and her old friends chat outside, here, inside the warm Le Bacardy where the man at the bar stares at me, I wonder if they — the French — ever feel the same way. I also wonder if my anxious feeling is simply my Americanness or the product of the cult of productivity that has been creeping into popular culture in recent years. In any case, we’ll be back home soon complaining about our lives and wishing we were elsewhere, not least because the on-going pandemic promises to create even more chaos in 2022.

On that happy note, I leave you with some links of interest.

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Books received

🇧🇴 Ursula Pike. An Indian Among Los Indígenas. Heyday 2021.
📷 Nori Jemil. The Travel Photographer’s Way. Bradt 2021.
✈️ Steve Brock. Hidden Travel. Sublimity 2021.
🧳 Ed Davis. The Last Professional. Artemesia 2022.

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