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[Genius Loci] November 2021

1 November 2021

We visited Colorado for a few days last month. Being Floridians, we immediately noticed the altitude and the cool, dry air. Around Denver, the trees only just began shedding their leaves, their brilliant colors mostly on full display. We hiked up to St. Mary’s glacier again, this time just after a light dusting of snow. Wind rushed through the evergreens and across the glacial lake. At this altitude, some 11,000 ft, no colorful foliage was to be seen. But, for a few short days, it was like we parachuted into a dream: a real autumn with big skies all the energy and reverie the season brings. As Saint-Lambert reminds us, l’année à son déclin recouvre sa beauté.

Last month we published

Four “postcards” from Seville, Madrid, and New York (Postcards Newsletter) on my website
A podcast with Jason Wilson on the final Best American Travel Writing on Travel Writing World
A podcast with Peter Fiennes about his book A Thing of Beauty on Travel Writing World
A bonus podcast episode with Amanda Kendle of the Thoughtful Travel Podcast on Travel Writing World
An author profile of Thomas Swick on Travel Writing World
A book excerpt of Peter Fiennes’s A Thing of Beauty on Travel Writing World
A review of Li Juan’s Book Winter Pasture on Travel Writing World

🇧🇷 J. R. Patterson writes about the São Francisco River in Hidden Compass. Consider supporting him. I have.

☪️ J. R. Patterson asks, what could an atheist traveller learn by participating in Ramadan ?

🗺 Stanford’s book of the month is Jan Morris’s Allegorizings . They also have a number of in-person author talks scheduled for November.

👂 Jo Frances Penn speaks with Icy Sedgwick about English folklore and Katherine Leamy about traveling light on her Books and Travel Podcast .

🐪 Ryan Murdock speaks with Nigel Barley about The Innocent Anthropologist on his Personal Landscapes Podcast .

🎧 Roy Ben-Tzvi speaks with Nick Hunt on the former’s Genuinely Interested Podcast .

🧗‍♀️ Mike Conefrey talks with Stuart Rhodes on his Climbing on the Bookshelf Podcast about Everest 1922 .

✍️ Verlyn Klinkenborg talks about writing in the Outlier Academy podcast.

✏️ This is Octavia Butler’s best writing advice.

👁 Michael Kerr reports that William Atkins will publish his new book about exile on Faber.

✈️ William Atkins also guest edited a special travel-writing edition of Granta , to be published November 18.

🇬🇧 Pam Petro will go on an actual book tour through the U.K. to promote her book The Long Field . I’m excited to chat with her for the podcast.

🎉 The Richmond Literature Festival will be held from 5 to 21 of November.

🌄 The Kendal Mountain Festival will go on November 18 – 21.

📚 The Bookseller notes some lessons from the Kate Clanchy controversy . They also report on the recent push to get translators named on book covers (I think we all can agree that translation is an art).

🌳 The Centre for Place Writing published an excerpt of C.J. Schuler’s new book The Wood That Built London .

😥 Alastair Humphreys writes about dealing with the “ post-adventure blues .” He also offers up some good adventure books to read .

🥂 Luxury travel as “ new-age colonialism .”

◎ Meera and Shivani of the UMB newsletter interview Rajan Dakar in the Talking Travel Writing newsletter . He advises against using a destination a “backdrop” and centering ourselves instead of “the place and people.” 

🎭 A profession is not a personality , writes Arthur C. Brooks.

📚 What do authors earn from digital lending at libraries ?

😩 In this Twitter thread , Emma Sparks speaks about the professional envy, imposter syndrome, and rejection in this wholesome Twitter thread. A reminder to stick with it.

🗽 MACK Books have published Janet Delaney’s photobook, Red Eye to New York .

🤳 Jason Hayes humorously writes about the urge to post selfies while hiking . Guilty as charged.

📷 Steve McCurry has posted a collection of photography from Venice on his website .

📸 Leon McCarron photographs “ The Last of the Marsh Arabs .”

🚞 Mario Heller spent three weeks crossing Kazakhstan by train. This is what he saw .

🥇 Abdulrazak Gurnah has won the Nobel prize in literature for 2021.

🏆 The Baille Gifford Prize for Non-Fiction shortlist was announced.

🏅 The Society of American Travel Writers have announced their 2021 awards winners .

🏆 Travel Media Wards also announced their 2021 award winners .

🏅 The Banff Mountain Book Competition Awards winners have been announced for 2021 .

🏆 AITO will announce their 2021 winners on 9 November .

🏅 Professor Sujit Sivasundaram’s book Waves Across the South: A New History of Revolution and Empire has won the British Academy Book Prize for Global Understanding..

🏆 Entries into Bradt’s New Travel Writer of the Year 2022 will close in early November.

🌍 Linda Lappin reviews Tim Hannigan’s The Travel Writing Tribe for the California Review of Books.

🎨 Amitava Kumar writes that writing should be a visual art.

? Judith Shulevitz writes about the unreliability of W. G. Sebald .

⁇ Ben Lerner also reviews the new biography of Sebald .

⛓ Supply chain issues are creating delays for books . Just in time for the holidays. 

📡 Jordan Salama writes about traveling the world by radio for Nat Geo .

🖍 An illustrated children’s travel book, Lost at the End of the World by Rupert Attlee and illustrated by Sandroyd children , has been published.

Books received

📍 Good Place Magazine
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Pamela Petro. The Long Field . Little Toller, 2021.
🚂 Monisha Rajesh. Epic Train Journeys . Gestalten, 2021.

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