Daily Photography Journal

Starting a Year-Long, Daily Photography Journal

I’m 30 days into a 365-day quest to take at least two photographs each and every day in 2024. I got this idea from a photographer named Wesley Verhoeve, who used a Tri-X disposable camera to document his life in 2023. Like Wesley, I’m doing this just to be better at documenting my life with photography. I already keep a written journal, but I’d like to do a better job keeping a visual journal, a daily photography journal....

13 February 2024 · 3 min · 603 words · Jeremy Bassetti
The Problem With Camera Gear Reviews

The Problem With Camera Gear Reviews

The deluge of camera gear review videos on YouTube has charmed us into believing that technology is the most important part of photography. You know which videos I’m talking about: those pixel-peeping image quality experiments where the reviewer zooms into a photo of a brick wall at 500% to see how sharp the corner millimeter is; those jack-in-a-box videos where the host jumps in front of the lens to test focus breathing and eye-detect autofocus; those dime-a-dozen camera reviews that regurgitate the same talking points sent to them by a marketing team; etc....

17 January 2024 · 4 min · 698 words · Jeremy Bassetti
Why Photographers Must Print Photographs

Why Photographers Must Print Photographs

In this post, I reflect on the significance of printing photographs in today’s digital age, emphasizing the unique context and respect that printed images command. I argue that printing fosters a deeper connection to photography, serving as a curatorial process that enhances the value and immersive experience of the images, contrasting with the devaluation often associated with digital content on the internet. I also suggest that decorating one’s space with printed photographs can be an affordable and impactful way to appreciate and engage with photography beyond the digital realm....

06 January 2024 · 7 min · 1328 words · Jeremy Bassetti
Jeremy Bassetti End of Year Review 2022

2023 End of Year Review

I’ve written end-of-year reviews of my creative work for the past three years. In keeping with tradition, below are my reflections on 2023 and my plans for 2024. In sum, 2023 was a difficult year for me, creatively speaking. It taught me some valuable lessons, some of which I’ll break down below. As ever, things are changing around here. Read on to learn more. Last year in numbers Book-shaped things published: 1 (The Hill of the Skull) Total words published: >37,0001 Podcast episodes published: 12 Videos made: 10 Wins Published The Hill of the Skull A few Prix de la Photographie Paris honorable mentions for my photography Published an essay on OffAssignment The Hill of the Skull A highlight of the year was finishing and publishing my new book The Hill of the Skull....

31 December 2023 · 14 min · 2956 words · Jeremy Bassetti
An Unsuccessful Kickstarter Campaign

An Unsuccessful Kickstarter Campaign

In October 2023, I ran a Kickstarter campaign for my book The Hill of the Skull. The campaign was unsuccessful. Below are some thoughts. Some raw numbers The funding goal: $12,000 USD Campaign length: 32 days Dates: 24 September - 26 October 2023 Number of backers: 69 Total amount pledged: $4,388 Percentage of goal funded: 36% Number of project “followers” and conversion rate: 95 (26%) Number (and percentage) of backers who didn’t “follow” the project: 44 (64%) Context I ran a Kickstarter campaign in October 2023 to fund a special edition of my book The Hill of the Skull....

27 December 2023 · 13 min · 2668 words · Jeremy Bassetti
Creative Projects as Systems

Mastering Field Notes

I’m writing about field notes today: What are they? And why do we take them? I will cover the tools of the trade, what to document in field notes, and my techniques on streamlining the note-taking process to capture tons of valuable information using my Apple Notes shortcut. Here is a video of me discussing everything I’ve written below: What are field notes? Field notes are written or recorded observations collected by writers, researchers, or anyone else doing fieldwork like anthropologists, ecologists, geologists, ethnographers, and journalists....

28 November 2023 · 6 min · 1174 words · Jeremy Bassetti