Creators log

New Podcast: Creative Journeys

6 July 2024

I’ve started a new podcast called Creative Journeys. My other podcast, Travel Writing World, is still in hibernation.

I’m not only interested in travel literature. My interests are broader than that. I was starting to feel boxed in by Travel Writing World. My new podcast is intentionally broad. Sure, I’ll still talk with travel writers. But I want to talk to others — photographers, historians, musicians, artists, filmmakers, etc. — about other topics.

I’m refusing to set a schedule with the new podcast. I don’t want the pressure to “fill a slot” and interview someone I’m not excited about.

My first episode, an interview with Alastair Humphreys, has just been published.

Use the URLs above to listen (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and RSS links), or search for Creative Journeys in your favorite podcasting app. Hopefully the podcast has been populated to all the podcasting databases by now.