Creators log

Half Frame Photography Project Update

26 June 2024

At the beginning of this year, I announced a year-long photography project using a cheap, half-frame film camera - the Kodak Ektar H35N. I didn’t expect the photography company Ricoh would announce its own half-frame camera, the Pentax 17, last week, let alone to such fanfare.

It seems that half frame is having a bit of a moment. That’s great. It is a fun format to shoot. I have been shooting half frame casually for a number of years now; I love the format for daily, low-stakes photo journaling.

While I originally set out to shoot only two photographs each day in 2024, I’ve found myself shooting a lot more than that. By the end of June, I will have shot 12 rolls of film for the project — double the amount I said I’d shoot. I guess I got carried away, but being a new parent might do that.

I wrote a random diptych generator script for my website. It randomly selects two images from a folder of images and displays them side-by-side in a diptych. The image folder currently has 496 images. Mathematically speaking, this results in 245,520 possible permutations and 122,760 possible diptych combinations. The diptych generator will go live on my website sometime in January or February 2025, after all the images have been developed, scanned, and edited for the year.

As I move forward with the project, I’m thinking more and more about the prospect of printing a limited-edition zine — a short booklet comprised of some of the best images of the year. I’m also thinking about coupling it with another booklet containing a brief narrative (or just combining both word + image into one zine / booklet).

When I say “best image of the year,” I don’t mean to suggest that any of the images are good or interesting in an objective sense. In fact, most (if not all) are mundane. Since my son arrived, I’ve been forced to consider capturing everyday moments. Of course, many of the photos are of him, and most of the frames I’ve shot come from our morning walks around the neighborhood. But as I preview the diptychs my script generates, some interesting themes are emerging.