Creators log

Website Redesign

22 May 2024

I attended a webinar with a literary agent about proposals and pitching. I began thinking about my website when the agent said, “all literary agents Google authors who submit queries and proposals.”

After reviewing the websites of some authors I admire, I decided to tweak my website again.

I know. Procrastination.

My main objective was to clarify my homepage and clarify the overall design. I also wanted to signal professionalism and clarity to those who might be snooping around.

The old homepage design was too confusing, I thought. Upon arriving on my page, it launched you into a list of recent posts without any context or calls to action. Too bloggy. Neither did it reveal too much about me.

The new homepage design, which leans heavily on Robin Sloan’s homepage, gives a very brief overview of who I am, how to connect with me, and how to navigate my site. Much clearer and more professional, me thinks.

The new design also gets rid of the contextual light/dark mode switching. Before, the site’s color scheme would automatically adjust depending on your computer’s/device’s color mode. If you used dark mode, the site’s colors would change to the dark color scheme. If on light mode, light colors.

But now, it is all just light mode. It is clearer this way.

I also decided to depreciate my Drifting newsletter and some other things in a bid to simplify my shit.

I’m going to tweak the design over the coming months (mostly color/design simplification in CSS), but this is a great first step.