Creators log

Creative Work Begets Creative Work

8 May 2024

I’ve been plugging away at a sample chapter for my book proposal. This gave me a new article idea to pitch to online magazines and outlets. In a flurry, I banged out 2k words. It might not go anywhere, but the experience illustrates a core belief of mine: creative work begets and inspires creative work.

Working on something creative — writing, music, painting, photography, art, research, whatever — inspires more creative work. It greases the creative wheel. If it sounds self-referential or tautological, that’s because it is.

It is important for people who are interested in doing a creative work of some kind to just start working on something.

The internet is awash with folks who navel gaze, hem and haw, and make meals of their creative woes. They complain about not doing the work they’re not doing. If only they just start doing the work, if only they put more energy into getting the ball rolling, then something might come of it. But one thing is always true: the work doesn’t create itself. Sitting around and complaining doesn’t accomplish anything.