Creators log

Very Rough Proposal Draft Finished

17 April 2024

I just finished the very rough draft of the book proposal.

Some people call this draft the “vomit draft” and others call it the “shitty first draft.”

All the major elements and points are in place. I think. It needs to be cleaned up, of course. But it is a solid foundation to work on.

Now I will turn my attention to the sample chapters. Writing the sample chapter will be a much heavier lift. It should set the tone for the entire work in form, style, and content.

It needs to be bulletproof, interesting, exemplary, sharp. But it doesn’t need to be perfect or finished, as the editors will have a hand in shaping the final product.

I think the book proposal and sample chapter tell the agents, editors, and publishers a few things:

This last point is important. I heard Jane Friedman once refer to a book proposal as the book’s “business-case.” It directly (and indirectly) argues to agents and publishers that the book will make them money.