Creators log

The First Steps in Writing a Book Proposal

28 March 2024

These past few weeks have been busy.

We’ve been disturbed with the joy of having a new baby in the house.

But, in what little time I’ve been able to shave off, I’ve been working on a book proposal.

The proposal is related to the mountains project I’ve been researching (on and off) for the last few years.

I’ve found the process to be so helpful that I’ve been thinking, Why didn’t I start working on a proposal sooner?

Earlier this week, I spoke with an author with whom I’m acquainted. I interviewed him on my podcast before, and I reached out asking for some guidance. He was kind enough to lend me his ear.

He offered the following kick in the ass:

  1. Write a book proposal
  2. Write a few solid sample chapters
  3. Start querying agents and be ready to send 1 and 2 if they ask

To the first point, I’ve purchased a few books on writing book proposals and they’ve been quite helpful. I already have a solid ten-page draft proposal that I’m currently developing.

With the baby, it is a slow process. But a little bit of work each day adds up.