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Rebooting Axis Mundi

11 March 2024

I’m rebooting the Axis Mundi category on my website. It is a project that explores the historical, intellectual, and cultural significance of mountains. But the project’s broad scope has often left me feeling overwhelmed, preventing me from making progress on it.

I recently listened to an interview where Cal Newport discussed his new book, Slow Productivity. I’ve yet to read the book, but Newport seems to challenge the prevailing ethos of hustle culture, suggesting that “slow productivity” could be a much-needed counterbalance to it. In our era, adopting a slower pace in our work (working deliberately, doing fewer things, not rushing and working at a natural pace, focusing on quality over quantity) might actually be beneficial. After all, there is nothing inherently wrong with slowing down as many of the great minds worked slowly when compared to contemporary standards.

Newport’s call to make slow, incremental progress seems like it is the strategy I need to chip away at the project — which is huge. I have amassed tens of thousands of notes related to this project and am nowhere near being done. My plan is to review my notes, do new research, and start publishing articles to my website. It will be me “working with the garage door open” (LINK). Since I cannot throw all my weight and energy into the the project right now, Newport’s method might help me approach the project more manageably.

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