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Creative Practice with Children

21 February 2024

What they say is true. Having a child upends one’s life. It has awaken in me feelings I had not known existed, feelings alien to me. Beautiful, rich, complicated feelings. Feelings of joy and fear, hope and dread. It is perhaps the closest one can get to what the Romantics called the “sublime” without being in the mountains.

I’ve got a lot to figure out. Right now, I’m wondering how creative parents keep up their creative practice while also taking care of kids.

I am starting to catch on, I think: One trick is to work when children sleep.

Yet I suspect it is more complicated than this.

When my child doesn’t need me, I am already sensing that I’m standing at a crossroads. In these moments, I’m faced with the challenge of deciding how to best spend my time (apart from the cleaning, etc.). Which project counts the most? Which is the best use of my limited time?

For someone with idea glut, this is a big issue.

Thankfully, I don’t have the same time sinks other people have. I don’t play video games. I don’t watch television, unless my wife wants to during dinner. I don’t nurse hangovers, because I don’t drink anymore. I’m limiting my social media and “junk content” consumption.

My issues are time and focus.

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