Creators log

Daily Creative Practice

8 January 2024

I’ve been trying to build a few new creative practices.

Each morning, I sit down at my desk with a few books and a cup of coffee. I read a bit, get inspired and think, and then type.

My output is unpolished, but brilliance is not the point.

This type of writing is to the writer as doodling and sketching is to the artist. Something might come out of the work, but it is more about creative exploration and practice more than anything else.

It builds creative muscles.

Today was my “worst” day at 225 words, not including what I’m typing here or what I wrote by hand in my journal. A mere 225 words a day results in over 82,000 words after a year. Not bad.

I’ve also been carrying a cheap, half-frame toy camera loaded with black-and-white film. The idea is to shoot at least two frames each day… for an entire year. Again, I’m doing this to build a daily creative practice.