Creators log

A Much Needed Rest

25 December 2023

If anyone is reading this dispatch as it goes out, I hope you had a nice Christmas / holiday break.

The last two weeks have given me a much needed break from… everything? I traveled to the Dominican Republic to visit family, and while it is usually a hectic trip (noise, activities, heat), this year was relatively quiet, calm, and cool. I had some space to read, listen to audio books, dream,1 and tinker with a possible Hugo website redesign (a theme forked from another Hugo user) that is more writing-focused. I was also able to bang out two solid drafts (~6,000 words) on the end-of-year review and the Kickstarter postmortem, which I’ll publish here in the next week.

I have some ideas brewing on new projects, and reviving and old abandoned project.

The week ahead

Another week to catch up with reading, chores, and dreaming. Think more about these project ideas. Organize office. Sell old things. Etc.

Task list

Things I still need to do:

  1. I usually don’t dream much, or remember my dreams, but I had a lot of vivid dreams in the D.R. I was BFF with Taylor Swift, sold homes, and hung out with my older brother. ↩︎