The previous week

Last week was busy! But because it was the last regular week of class, and my students had presentations all week, my work/prep burden didn’t cannibalize my free time. There is nothing better than having a little space and time to work on personal work. My fuck-this-shit index was trending down.

I launched The Hill of the Skull on all platforms (Amazon, my shop, etc.). It feels good to put it to bed, finally, and begin working on new projects. I also launched a few print bundles on my shop too. I set up coupon codes so that Artifact International members get huge discounts on all the shop items.

On 1 December, I posted the new Genius Loci newsletter. And a few days before that, I also posted a new YouTube video on taking Field Notes, which I posted about here too.

On the Artifact International front, I created the new landing page on my own website and a new member-zone behind a simple htaccess password setup. In doing this, I finished my transition away from Memberpress to a Memberful free plan, whose percentage is a bit high but it doesn’t include a yearly fee that I’m loath to dish out each November.

I started working on the THOTS Kickstarter postmortem, which I don’t have energy to finish, and potentially another essay/video. I’m also reviving my AXIS project soon, and thinking about the future.

The week ahead

Edit and post another TWW episode. Send out some mailing list emails. Grade. Reflect on this year, and think about what the next year’s work will look like.

Task list

Things I still need to do:

  • do the bookplate landing page, redirect permalink
  • hit publish on THOTS!
  • edit and post the latest TWW episode with DC
  • send out newsletter emails
  • edit the A+ content on the THOTS Amazon page
  • ship marketing copies of THOTS
  • THOTS Kickstarter postmortem
  • write/publish my end of year review
  • write the Genius Loci for December
  • schedule Zoom chat with J.R. to discuss the AXIS book proposal
  • fix the css/formatting issues on the Creator’s Log category page (and add nav links to the single post pages)
  • look into adding categories to the metadata of entries in this website’s archive page