Creators log

Week 43

29 October 2023

This past week

The THOTS Kickstarter officially failed to meet its funding goal, as I predicted back on October 1. But all is not lost. I’ve been working on the paperback book behind the scenes. Proofs came in. I made some more adjustments and ordered more proofs. Hopefully this will be the final set of proofs, but the contrast adjustments have me worried I might need to do another round. I’m using a few different distributors/manufacturers to cast a wider net, but nailing down the printing has been difficult to coordinate across three distributors. Another round of proofs might push against my self-imposed launch deadline of November 15. But it is almost done. Almost.

I will sell a nicer, “premium” black-and-white version of the book on my website. This version will be exclusive to my website, and it will sell for the same price as it will on Amazon and the other online retailers. It will have better paper (80# coated) and a better print (premium black and white). That it is materially better than the other versions is noticeable.

The week ahead

If the proofs arrive, there is more proofing, tweaking, and publishing ahead. I also have some back-end work: sorting out the websites, sales channels, landing pages, etc. as listed below. Maybe I’ll have time to record/publish a new YouTube video. I went on a photowalk to downtown Orlando on Saturday night. I recorded a POV-style video, but my images weren’t any good and the lighting was bad that a YT video might not be worth it.

Task list

Things I still need to do: