Creators log

Week 42

22 October 2023

This past week

Last weekend I accompanied Monisha on the Silver Meteor from Orlando to Savannah, where I shadowed her as she worked on an assignment. I made some photos and offered them to the publication along with her copy. I hope they use a few of them. I also took some photos of Monisha on the train for her to use in her book/social media.

The THOTS Kickstarter campaign has definitely stalled. There is a 99% chance the campaign won’t succeed, unless an unlikely miracle occurs in the next 5 days. Right now, we’re at $4,333. The goal is $12. I have some thoughts about the experience, which I’ll share in a postmortem soon.

I’ve received some proof copies (paperback, black and white) from various manufacturers. I hope to get a scaled down print version (paperback, black and white) out and online before November.

The week ahead

Watch the THOTS campaign end with a whimper, and begin compiling my reflections on the topic. Re-locate the North Star and ensure the boat is heading in the right direction.

Task list

Things I still need to do: