Creators log

Week 40

8 October 2023

This past week

It is looking like THOTS won’t succeed with its campaign goals. The campaign has two weeks left (50% of the total) and it has generated 1/3 of its goal. Still, I’m pushing forward. Even if the campaign doesn’t succeed, there will be (have already been) a lot of lessons learned, takeaways, and insights. Expect a post-mortem essay entitled “My Kickstarter Failed. This is What I Learned.” More on this later.

I received a proof of the paperback, black and white version of THOTS earlier than expected. The layout needs some tweaking. Same with the images, which have been edited/retouched specifically for the black and white version. Some of the images are printing darker than expected. Should be an easy fix.

On Saturday I wrote 750 sloppy words for my mountains project - Axis Mundi — about early Christianity. And I did some dreaming/planning for some related projects.

The week ahead

I’m expecting another proof of the black and white version from another company. And on Friday M.R. and I will be off on a little adventure. Gotta remix my Personal Landscapes interview and publish it on TWW. And a ton of other shit over these next five days.

Task list

Things I still need to do: