This past week

THOTS Launch.

Emails email emails, Social Media posts, etc.

I’ve been glance at the campaign numbers only at night, before bed. That way I’m not obssessed all day refreshing the Kickstarter campaign page. We hit 25% in the first few days of the campaign, but now we’re in the “dead zone.” I’m not confident that we will reach our numbers, but I’m pressing ahead and working towards the goal anyway.

I held a book launch livestream on YouTube.

I spent sometime laying out the paperback version of the book in InDesign. This it the black and white version of the book. Reprocessing the images using Silver Efex Pro. I wasted a lot of time trying to decide if I wanted the trade paperback version to be 5x8 or 6x9.

The week ahead

Week 2/4 of THOTS launch. More outreach and work. I’m going to “remix” some of the podcasts I’ve been on and post the audio on TWW.

Task list

Things I still need to do:

  • send a 30DITA email
  • fix the css/formatting issues on the Creator’s Log category page (and add nav links to the single post pages)
  • look into reformatting these task lists in css
  • look into adding cateogries to the metadata of entries in this website’s archive page
  • look into adding a dropdown menu with links to categories