This past week

I did a flurry of work on the Kickstarter campaign this past week. I cleaned up some of the copy on the KS campaign page, chatted with dad about the numbers to make sure I’m not missing anything, and created new media assets like a campaign video and a podcast episode for Travel Writing World.

After I deploy this, I’ll launch the Kickstarter page and crash hard.

I’ve started reading The Middle Passage by James Hollis.

This Daniel Milnor video is resonating with me.

Ideated on some new video ideas.

The week ahead

THOTS LAUNCH. All hands on deck. Here we go…

I imagine these next few weeks will be maddening with invisible work, the kind of work that isn’t public-facing, the type of work that easily gets forgotton: emails, pitches, follow-ups, social media outreach, DMs, replying to comments, etc.

Task list

Things I still need to do:

  • THOTS campaign video
  • THOTS campaign prints graphic
  • THOTS reward graphics update
  • record and schedule TWW audio announcement
  • collect and format final campaign endorsements
  • send a 30DITA email
  • fix the css/formatting issues on the Creator’s Log category page (and add nav links to the single post pages)
  • look into reformatting these task lists in css