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Starting the Habit

11 September 2023

Between teaching and grading, I had a low creativity day. Class was great, but it drained me completely.

I worked a bit on a new essay I’m toying with on the topic of project-based work. Some words came to me in the early morning and again at night, just now before writing this. In total, I typed maybe about 250 words for the essay. Not sure about its direction. My intentions are for it to be short and sweet, but its word count is ballooning. It now stands at around 2250 words. I need to snap out of the analysis and argumentation, and write for feeling because I’m not sure I like its vibe at the moment. Too cold.

I thought about a few new YouTube videos I’ll record this weekend, in preparation for the launch of THOTS on 25 September. I’ll try not to over script them. I’ll try to speak more off the cuff. Maybe my videos will feel less rigid.

Ryan Murdock invited me on his Personal Landscapes podcast to chat about THOTS this week, so I’ll need to prep a bit for that.


I did some behind-the-scenes coding for the new Creator’s Log category on which this post will appear. The work involved scrabbling together a new content view template/layout (list.html) and partials template (post-meta-creators-log.html).

Things I still need to do:

By the time I deploy Hugo again on 14 September, I might have a few Creator’s Log entries in the can.

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