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What Joseph Brodsky's 'Watermark' Teaches Us About Creativity

14 February 2024 路 Jeremy Bassetti
Daily Photography Journal

Starting a Year-Long, Daily Photography Journal

I鈥檓 30 days into a 365-day quest to take at least two photographs each and every day in 2024. I got this idea from a photographer named Wesley Verhoeve, who used a Tri-X disposable camera to document his life in 2023. Like Wesley, I鈥檓 doing this just to be better at documenting my life with photography. I already keep a written journal, but I鈥檇 like to do a better job keeping a visual journal, a daily photography journal....

13 February 2024 路 3 min 路 603 words 路 Jeremy Bassetti
Kodak Ektar H35N and Field Notes Notebook

Cultivating Daily Creative Habits

It has been one month since I started a few new daily creative habits. One of my resolutions this year is to write every day for an entire year. Another is to create a daily photographic journal by taking at least two photographs with a half-frame 35mm film camera. Below, I鈥檒l unpack some of my daily creative habits and share principles I abide by, in hopes that they will help you in your creative endeavors....

31 January 2024 路 5 min 路 983 words 路 Jeremy Bassetti
The Problem With Camera Gear Reviews

The Problem With Camera Gear Reviews

The deluge of camera gear review videos on YouTube has charmed us into believing that technology is the most important part of photography. You know which videos I鈥檓 talking about: those pixel-peeping image quality experiments where the reviewer zooms into a photo of a brick wall at 500% to see how sharp the corner millimeter is; those jack-in-a-box videos where the host jumps in front of the lens to test focus breathing and eye-detect autofocus; those dime-a-dozen camera reviews that regurgitate the same talking points sent to them by a marketing team; etc....

17 January 2024 路 4 min 路 698 words 路 Jeremy Bassetti
Why Photographers Must Print Photographs

Why Photographers Must Print Photographs

In this post, I reflect on the significance of printing photographs in today鈥檚 digital age, emphasizing the unique context and respect that printed images command. I argue that printing fosters a deeper connection to photography, serving as a curatorial process that enhances the value and immersive experience of the images, contrasting with the devaluation often associated with digital content on the internet. I also suggest that decorating one鈥檚 space with printed photographs can be an affordable and impactful way to appreciate and engage with photography beyond the digital realm....

06 January 2024 路 7 min 路 1328 words 路 Jeremy Bassetti
Puerto Plata December 2023

Artifact Int'l, Going 'Local,' Travel Book Awards

Friends, We鈥檝e all taken another trip around the sun. And I hereby declare this is new year will be a year of change. ARTIFACT INTERNATIONAL is officially launching. If you鈥檝e been enjoying/following my work over the past several years, and you want to support its continuation, please consider joining the program. If 2024 will be a year of changes, I鈥檇 like it to be the year where I take positive and firm steps in the direction of increasing the quality and productivity of my work....

01 January 2024 路 6 min 路 1228 words 路 Jeremy Bassetti